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Trouble with puppy (9 weeks) biting

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Hello! So i have quite a huge trouble with biting behaviour. My puppy is really ultra energetic(even for border collie) and AS soon AS I get her out of her room, shes starting playing which consist of 99% biting my legs and feet really really hard with her sharp teeth and that hurts a lot. Yelling with pitch voice, telling her to not to that, trying to get her attention with toys doesnt work at all, and i really dont know how can I trach her that is wrong behaviour. I can not igonre it aswell because id start bleeding in 5 mins and She thinks we just have a good fun. What should I do? 

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@Atynix, welcome to the Boards.

Sorry no one apparently saw this and told you you posted to a forum intended strictly for questions directed to a an experienced stockdog trainer/handler (I'm not even sure they monitor this forum anymore) for questions pertaining to working dogs on livestock.

If you're still having issues I'd recommend you repost in the General Border Collie Discussion forum, where I'm sure you'll be able to et some replies.


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