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Glyphosate in Companion Animals


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Initial, random thoughts,  in no particular order --

I am going to have to try and take some time to read some of the articles cited - particularly interested in the Cornell study.

I don't trust anything from the EPA since IMPOTUS became president.

These are good reasons to move to organic foods. I have always rolled my eyes when vegetarians say that not eating meat is more 'healthy', because IMHO, unless one is eating only organic veggies and fruits and grains, and preferably not from industrial agriculture sources, the chemicals involved in industrial crop production are definitely NOT healthy.

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Interesting. Honestly, though, I'm not going to run out and change diets based on this report. Like Jovi I think it makes sense to read additional research. I also wonder if lifespan plays a role (that is, humans live longer and therefore have longer term exposure). It seems as if every time we turn around there's another reason to feed or not feed something. I don't think anyone can look at our agricultural system and say that anything that comes out of "factory farming," be it animal or vegetable, is entirely healthy. I aim for a balanced diet and hope for the best (that old age gets them before something else does, basically).

That said, when I lived in NC I had a neighbor who used round up liberally. They had a little cocker spaniel who developed weird skin lesions that no vet could ever accurately diagnose, beyond that whatever it was didn't respond to treatments and eventually killed her. I mentioned the round up to them then because I had my suspicions given the amount of the chemical they used (showcase yard). I really think it cost them that dog's life.


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