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     I got to see the Harrisburg SDT on PCN again this year!  I was so looking forward to seeing it in person this year (since it isn't snowing!)  But, last evening my 12 year old Border Collie started with vestibular disease and he needs extra attention and TLC so we watched it on tv.  Great coverage!   Hopefully next year I will get there in person!!!!!

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The hosts of the PA Farm Show Sheepdog trial did such a wonderful job. I didn't watch the entire live-stream, but I did watch Eileen and Jib and a few others. I was very impressed and can only imagine the magnitude of effort it takes to pull off such a gig. I wish I'd have been there, but live-stream was the next best thing. Thank you!

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I got there!!!!!!!  I had a great time!!  I sat at the rail and had a perfect view.  I even got a good parking space.  Then, when I got home, they were showing it on PCN so I got to see coverage of it again.  Awesome!  Congratulations to all the competitors!  I'm excited about next year.

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