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Health issues causing aggression

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Hello I have a 2 year old who is having issues with fear agression. Before I take her to the the Behavioralist they want me to get blood work done to see if there is any health causes for her behaviour. How common is it for there to be a health reason for a dog to act aggressive? She’s been struggling for a while now and finally bit someone the other day :(..490118D6-4E1A-4118-907F-859459601BFB.thumb.jpeg.89a23ea39ae9e320fcc928667aa869cc.jpeg

she’s is an anxious dog and lashed out at someone she new and trusted during a hello.

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Thyroid issues are known to be a cause of aggression, so I'd definitely have that checked out. My own preference for thyroid testing is to have the vet take a sample and then send it in to Dr. Jean Dodds at Hemopet (you may have to post the sample yourself, so be sure to print off the instructions and application and be prepared with whatever you need to take it to the PO). Some vets (and some human docs) don't do the full panel and so they miss thyroid problems regularly.

Otherwise, yes. Have a full vet workup done. The behaviorist wouldn't be asking you to do this if s/he weren't aware that there are medical conditions that can cause aggression. There are, including pain.

BTW, welcome to the Boards. It's a good place to come for help.

Pretty girl. Best wishes for helping her through this.

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Thanks so much. Hopefully after the vet checkup and a visit to the Behavioralist we will know what we’re dealing with. I’ve been working with the dog regularly but it clearly hasn’t been enough. I’ll have to make a decision soon wether the dog will be rehomed or if I’m willing to take the time and money to work with her. It’s a lot to ask my family to deal with an unpredictable/aggressive dog and it brings a lot of stress into my parents lives. She has learned to use agression to get out of uncomfortable situations, hopefully this is something that can be changed. Tough call either way. Though I feel I owe it to the dog, as I did raise her from a pup. Anyone have any success stories for me? :)

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