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Sooooo I am not a very tech savvy person. ;)

If I wanted to upload a photo, I am not really sure how to do that. I am used to things just giving me the option to go to "gallery" on my phone and selecting a picture from there. This says it has to be from a url, and I am not exactly sure what that means/how to do that? 

Sorry, I know this is a pretty stupid question but I cannot seem to figure this out. XD

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I won't be much help here as I'm also not tech savvy and have had very limited success posting pictures here.

I've managed to post a few by copying the pictures and sending them to myself by email, then copying the picture once I get it here. If I try to copy it from wherever it was originally I'm told I can't, and that's happened sometimes with my cheat as well.

So I hope someone will chime in and explain the process too.

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