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  1. I haven't "stopped by" in a while. I am so sorry to hear about Celt. Kate
  2. Is it possible to change a screen name? I changed it years ago, but recently it seems to have reverted back. Thanks. Kate
  3. People used to use photosharing websites to post several pics. I think to post a small amount you can attach the file to the message you're posting.
  4. Georgia can't stand it when the washer doesn't spin during the spin cycle. It's an older washer... Anyway, the washer will flip to the spin setting but not spin. And Georgia come running from wherever she may be in the house barking and chasing either my husband or me towards the laundry room so we can reset it. This is the only time she behaves this way. I've thought about getting her to stop, but sometimes I get distracted and don't hear it myself. I think she thinks the washer is an uruly beast.
  5. She looks like she might have a little Bernese Mtn Dog in her. So cute though!
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