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Hi everyone.

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Am use your not to remember me after almost 3 years. My how time flys.

But just want to give a up date on Lilly and Max.

Thanks to all of your help with puppy Lilly at the time, she is now a well behaved Bc, that knows insides means down time. So most time she is very mellow in side, not to say she dosent have her days. lol

She is a very good pack dog now loven the trips in the woods. Good all around dog. Again thank you all for the help with getting her started.

As for old Max, we had to put him down 2 weeks ago at the age of 12, do to cancer. Poor old man is very missed. Is the best dog I ever had. Pluss side, his last weeks where fill with love and his ball, woods, swimming, family. All things he loved. Lilly was even very mellow around him, and didn't bug him to play.

Yes dogs do know...Iam sure of it.

So that was my update.

Will be asking for some help again with Lilly soon. As I feel this is the best place to come to help a BC.

THANK YOU again.


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I'm so very sorry to hear you've lost Max. It's always too soon to loose a dear friend. I'm happy for both of you that you were able to make the most of your last weeks together.


Happy, too, that Lilly's turned into such a nice dog. Sometimes during the puppy months it's hard to remember that it's just a stage they'll grow out of. ;)

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