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Awards at the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals

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Are there 'special' awards awarded at the Sheepdog finals? By that, I mean things like 'Best Lift' or 'Best Gather'. I was scribing for one of the judges on the Nursery field (that was fun!), and heard them talking about their pick for "Judges Choice Nursery Dog" - for lack of a better name.


If so, can you point me to the source where I can find the list of awards?


Thank you.

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Go to the USBCHA web site

Click on sheepdogs---- if the drop down menu appears the link is not there but if you can get the Sheepdog page to open ,you will see at the bottom in black "archives" click on awards and you will get what you are looking for.



Joanne will get the web designer to add the archives to the drop down menu.

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