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Lepto 2 Vaccine vs Lepto 4 Vaccine

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I have tried researching to the best of my degree but recently I attended an appointment at my local vets for Max's Booster. The vet I saw said they had updated their vaccinations and that Max would have to come back in four weeks.


Max has always been given lepto 2 vaccine but now they have informed me starting from next year they will only be stocking the lepto 4 vaccine.

Max is due to go back in 10 days for the remainder of the injection. I am getting a puppy and bringing it home in may. The owner of the mother said not to give the lepto 4 vaccine as the has been a number of fatalities, but normally Andale vets have always been great.


Did not help at the top of this page that showed all the dogs who have had a fatal reaction had a picture of a collie who had passed soon after receiving the lepto 4 vaccine.


I just need help and advise. Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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