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  1. Hi, I have tried researching to the best of my degree but recently I attended an appointment at my local vets for Max's Booster. The vet I saw said they had updated their vaccinations and that Max would have to come back in four weeks. Max has always been given lepto 2 vaccine but now they have informed me starting from next year they will only be stocking the lepto 4 vaccine. Max is due to go back in 10 days for the remainder of the injection. I am getting a puppy and bringing it home in may. The owner of the mother said not to give the lepto 4 vaccine as the has been a number of
  2. GentleLake, In my original post I was asking for ideas about a suitable breed of dog to get along with Max. It was always going to be a puppy for the reasons state in my previous post. So although I can see why the forum members suggested a slightly older rescue... that was never a consideration from my stand point. Rescues are great as Jack was one but like I said he was allowed to be the only dog in the house for 4 years before we got Max. If it was the same scenario then I would consider a rescue. If a breed of dog had of been pointed out that would get along famously with a bor
  3. Hi just an update, Jack was a rescue but he was the only dog in the family for years so he could get comfortable before we introduced Max a bouncing border collie puppy. I appreciate the advice but I am not considering a rescue this time purely for the reasons im gonna mention. Max was bit as a puppy so is apprehensive with other dogs he does not know. He has however with the right dogs made 6 or 7 friends and gets along well with them and has fun playing with them. Max however adores puppies and gets along with them famously, it doesn't take him long to warm up to them and become buddi
  4. Hi, Sadly last Thursday we had to put my partners dog Jack to sleep. He got diagnosed last October with Advance staged congestive heart failure. My collie and Jack where very close. Eventually my partner will be looking to get another four legged companion. I do not think my partner is looking to get a Border Collie. Max my Collie is 7 and has always been alpha out of him and Jack and Jack just wanted to laze around and chill I am hoping you can advise me on a breed / breeds of dogs that would have a temperament that would get along well with a Border Collies. Look Forward
  5. Hi, As the title suggests my dog had spinal surgery 6 / 7 months ago and has made a good recovery. Going forward though I would like some advice as I am a worrier. The procedure he had was called hemilaminectomy. Recently I contacted the veterinary specialists that carry out his hydrotherapy as over the Christmas period Max broke 3 rules given to me in regards to him in the space of 24 hours. He Jumped up on the bed, Ran whilst of lead and went upstairs. Max's Hydro-therapist wasn't available and I was advised to contact the place where Max had the surgical procedure. I did so a
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. So Max's Physiotherapist/Hydra therapist has gone on leave as is expecting her Baby anytime now (Laura) She is a fantastic and lovely Scottish lady with a great sense of humor. I saw Laura's colleague last time who is lovely, though some of her advice contradicted what Laura had said on previous visits. So Laura was happy for me to have Max 80% on lead and 20% off lead on walks. Most of the time I only let him off lead for a few minutes in a quiet and remote place so he can sniff and explore. Max knows calm/close and slow down commands to make sure he is always
  7. Hi, I am hoping I get some replies to this. So Max is going on a 20 minute walk earlier in the day and a 10 minute walk of the evening. Thankfully he seems happy with that. I have another dog Jack who is a border collie / whippet. He is 10 and has never had any issues and is still very fast when on a hyper. Max just saw Jack playing with a member of my family and was crying as he wanted to play. My question is obviously he needs to not run too fast and over do it and all legs have to stay on the ground. So how do I play with Max and yet not risk injury? I think I find myself getting fustra
  8. Hi thanks for the replies. He is at physio therapy / hydra therapy tommorow. I will be letting Laura know what my last reply entailed. He does seem absolutely fine. However I completley agree it is not worth the risk and I am trying my up most best to make sure his amazing recovery continues. Not to be big headed but I am constantly with Max day in and day out which I think is why he is recovering so well. The physiotherapist "Laura" said that I have done amazing with him. The are a lot of people at home and I kind of think that plays a part in the mishaps. I do have a massive pen for him
  9. Hi, I have not posted in here in a while. So Max is doing really well, has been giving the all clear for two 10 - 15 minute walks per day. My sister said he is almost walking that well that you would not know anything had happened. If I had to point one thing out his left leg is stronger than his right but I feel he is improving on both with his physio and hydra therapy. I am hoping I can get some advice though. Max is feeling that much better that he thinks he is fine. When I got him home I had certain rules given to me. He isn't allowed to climb stairs, jump on furniture etc. He has go
  10. Hi, haven't checked this forum for a while as ive been very busy. Just thought I would check in and give a another quick update. Max has had two hydrotherapy sessions over the last two weeks and each time the Physio has seen him she has been astounded at Max's recovery. This is week 4 and I was so chuffed as she gave me the all clear to give max a 5 min on lead walk. I know its only 5 minutes but to Max having been what he has been through and not being outside the hosue apart from the backgarden... I know it would mean the world to him I just got back from taking him for his first walk since
  11. Hi, Just wanted to give an update on how Max is doing. So after getting him back home the first few days where rough. Mainly just because I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. Soon got to grips with it, carried out his physio 3 times a day and spoiled him. More importantly got into a routine. It has only been two weeks that I have had him back. He has seen a professional physio which came up with a new plan for Max and showed me thoroughly what to do and poor Laura XD I asked her 1001 questions. Max has started using his left leg properly and has started trying to use his right leg w
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words and replies. I do know from reading on here that other Border Collies have suffered from the same illness. Max has regain somewhat control over his bladder and his left leg is working to an extent, I only got him back home last Wednesday so I feel positive over that. He attends Physio tomorrow I will let you all know how he goes on. Best Regards, Mark C
  13. Hi, First time positing here. I registered so I can ask for advice or information. Sadly Max my Border Collie and best friend was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease and Surgery was required and performed. I got him home last Wednesday. I have got him a dog playpen, a great bed for dogs recovering from such surgery and it is a case of physio and playpen rest. I have been given instructions on physio from the surgeons and Max is due to see a physiotherapist on Tuesday to receive physio/hydrotherapy. I cant find any information on the internet where Border Collies and this di
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