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I began my journey with Border Collies because I had a commercial sheep flock that was becoming difficult to manage alone as the numbers increased. Took me several years to locate someone who had the knowledge, ability and interest in helping me succeed.


Now I try my best to pay it forward. Here in the eastern half of the country, livestock production is very different than where I began in SD. Places are smaller, producers are often first generation with no experience and their are quite a few hobby farms. Regardless of the scale of production there needs to be places where folks can go to watch well trained dogs with tons of instinct helping with daily chores if we want them to appreciate the dogs for all they add to an operation. If we want them to invest the time and money required to learn to use dogs they must have the opportunity to see them and envision how they could use a dog and then get the needed training. Far to many people get a dog, have no idea where to begin then either the dog gets a poor rap or they give up.


I have always reached out to producers when I hold clinic at my place but these are specially designed for producers. The second of a series of three SUCCESS WITH STOCKDOGS WORKSHOP will be held at Clearfield Stockdogs and Lamb April 27 - 29 with Jack Knox as clinician. These workshops are designed for Livestock Producers. We will have a special demonstration afternoon on April 26 showing dogs complete farm chores - from pasture lambing to sorting to feeding ...SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant) is being used to make these workshops affordable for producers.

The first workshop in Nov we had 18 producers ( poultry, cow/calf, stocker cattle, sheep) attend with 5 different herding breeds represented. Everyone learned useful take home lessons no matter what stock they raised or what dog breed they had.


If you would like more info check out face book - Clearfield Stockdogs or Success with Stockdogs or my web site www.clearfieldstockdogs.com or email me denice.r@lycos.com


Please pass this info along

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