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Colour on inside of ears.


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Sorry if this is a daft question but is there a set colour for the inside of the ears? I'm pretty sure the ears of my last border collie were a grey/white on the inside. Ben's are more like a pale tan. Just trying to work out if it's muck!

Both black and white dogs


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I think that the hair color inside the ears is whatever it is - black, brown, tan, or a combination. The only issue is if the inner part of the ear lacks pigmentation, which is associated with deafness.


My 15 year old (who has had a grizzled face that has been graying since he was two years old) is now quite gray inside his once-black ears. My other 15 year old, who has hardly a gray/white hair on the black parts of her face, is still almost as black as ever inside her ears - you have to look closely to see the occasional gray/white hair.


Like the rest of the dog, color is largely irrelevant (sure, there are a few instances where it is not, as in the case of a merle-to-merle breeding, lack of pigment within the ear, and certain excessive white patterns that may be associated with deafness or other issues).


I think a dog with brown or tan inside the ears is striking-looking. Enjoy!

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Thanks folks. Ben needed more than a damp wash cloth the other day. He fell into a deep ditch filled with mud and nasties and emerged like the creature from the black lagoon. Fortunately he was none the worse for wear. I washed him down immediately in the river (he wasn't impressed) then he got his very first shower and shampoo. He isn't keen on water - so much for introducing him to the shower gradually... :wacko:

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