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The Mark of a Good Boarding Kennel

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I've taken Gibbs to the same kennel for years, recommended by a dog savvy friend. So today, for whatever reason, I decided to tell them that he REALLY likes his head rubbed & scratched. I mentioned it to the young woman who checked him in, and she said,


"Oh, we know that one. Anytime you go out to sit with the dogs in the playyard, he comes sidling up and leans his head against your hip. And stays there as long he's getting a good rub."


#1 - The kennel workers regularly go out in the yards to hang out with the dogs.

#2 - Gibbs is trusting enough of them to ask for a head rub.

#3 - The kennel workers are long time employees and enjoy the dogs they care for.


It's always a little bit of wrench to leave him, but I feel better now.


Ruth & Gibbs

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