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Pivo has had some regression with his triggers, and I want to use the head halter again now that it's not so hot (the halter gets sweaty and gross here in summer). However, I have lost mine. I was never satisfied with the fit of my generic Amazon one. Anyone have recs of Head Halters they prefer and advice on fitting?


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for this info. Pivo does hate the head halter, but this isn't just a training tool. We live in Spain in the summer, and if Pivo wants to go on the train/metro to go on our cool countryside walks, the rule is a muzzle or head halter (actually, the rule is a muzzle, but no one has ever given me crap about the head halter being in its place).


I am open to suggestions for other items besides the head halter for training (I get the point of the article). But, his reactivity to skateboards is strong and worsening just a bit. Meanwhile, some sort of muzzle-like restriction is a must in our home as that is sometimes the cost of dogs betting to be citizens that get to go everywhere in Spain, which, for what it is worth, is an element of European culture that Pivo appreciates.

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In my limited experience, the best halter is the one that fits the dog best. Every dog has a slightly different head, so I recommend trying a few on if you can find a store that sells them or a place to order that allows returns.


I have noticed that the gentle leader rubs more dogs in the eye area than the Halti, but again it varies.


My dog actually liked his head halter, recommended by his vet behaviorist, the muzzle pressure actualy seemed to make him calmer. We don't use it anymore, but we used a halti.

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I've never used either a head alter or a muzzle, but I'm betting "some" dogs will be more comfortable wearing a muzzle than a head alter, if they are condicioned properly to it. My only experience is with my mom's dogs which used muzzles when going out, both to prevent them from eating stuff off the streets (they both had leishmaniosis and so where prone to stomach upsets - among other things) and so people wheren't afraid of them (they where big dogs). They got used to it pretty fast and it didn't seem to bother them. Head alters on the other hand tend to bother most dogs a lot. Maybe you could give the muzzle a try and see if it works better for him?

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