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BC/aussie 1/2 and 1/2 needing a new home in Indiana

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Would anyone here be interested in helping take in a 4 year old half border collie, half australian shepherd mix. He is 4 years old, house broke, very friendly, lived with another dog (german Shepherd) and kids so he is not aggressive but he can jump a 4 foot fence which is why they are trying to rehome him. He is a beautiful brown and white. They are not asking for any money to rehome him but do not want to take him to a shelter. He is next door to my niece and she says he is very sweet.


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They live in town where there are restrictions as to what all they can do on their property and fence heights are one of them.


But there are things they could do without raising the height of the fence . . . if they have any real affection for the dog.


Not meaning to judge, but just sayin' . . . .

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Yes I have made them aware of the Midwest BC rescue group. I think they were hoping that the dog could just go from their home to its new home so less stress for the dog.

I get that, and if they are willing to keep the dog until they find a new home even better so they don't take a foster away from another dog, which is why I specifically mentioned a courtesy post. Typically rescues are willing, in a case such as this, to post the dog on their website so the dog can reach a wider audience. The rescue doesn't actually take the dog in or vet potential adopters, it just gets his info out there to more people who are looking to adopt a BC/mix.


GentleLake I completely get where you're coming from, but if they're looking to rehome the dog they probably won't be interested in fixes. Honestly if they really wanted to keep him, they'd just not leave him outside unattended. If they're not willing to do that, I'm glad they are looking to rehome him versus him getting loose and hit by a car or dumped at a high kill shelter.

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