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I have no suggestions for front-attachment harness. I'm curious why you want that for swimming?

If it is attached to any kind of a long line or leash, the potential for getting tangled seems immense!


I prefer my Dog Games Original Fleece-Lined Harness for *anything* my dogs are doing - walking, hiking, swimming, etc.

It is the only one I've found which does *not* impede front leg or shoulder movement.

It is available from Clean Run. (Sorry, I can never get links to post here...don't know why!)

The fleece would have to be washed after sea water dunking, and frankly, I don't know about the metal, but it seems like stainless steel.


That said, if you don't want the fleece, you might look at Clean Run's ComfortFlex Sport Harness. It has webbing and nylon, which might be better for salt water.


And my dogs are incredibly jealous that yours gets to swim in the sea every day! Wow!!


diane (in Utah, where there's not much water....)

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Thanks for your answer, Diane. I ended up going with this one: http://www.alpineoutfitters.net/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=189

It looks like it doesn't restrict movement and is made of qualiity materials, and I ordered stainless steel rings.

At the beach, she's off leash and constantly in and out of the water. We walk the whole 2,5 miles of the beach and play along the way. I often don't want to take the harness off because I leash her whenever another dog aproaches as she isn't always friendly. She doesn't go bother other dogs or people but sometimes a dog aproaches sudenly and I want to be able to leash her quickly. Also, even when she doesn't wear the harness at the beach, she has to when we walk home and she's still wet, so it gets wet anyway.


And yes, it's a privilege to have this beach at my doorstep:


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Here is the harness that I have for Ace. He doesn't seem to mind it and I have found it great with helping train how to act on a leash with the front attachment point. It has a front and top attachment (with a handle to grab on to). He loves the water and is in and out of the creek by the dog park and there hasn't been any issues with rusting or any degradation of the harness. I've thrown it in the wash a couple times and it's held up great so far. There are a lot of similar variations that I've found on Amazon since I bought this originally.

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