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From what I understand, our 17 week old border collie is very well behaved for his age. He has a 'soft mouth'. During an end of day exuberant tug session he released my thumb without breaking skin when I jammed it in his mouth.

That said he does still mouth or snap (short as a rule) as he gets tired. What I find interesting is he only does it with the two of us. While he has barked at two dogs, he does not snap or mouth other dogs he is playing with. I find this a curious thing.
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Pups understand that older dogs need to be respected. I do not find that unusual at all. The young dogs that exhibit behaviors like barking, growling, snapping at older dogs do it mostly from fear. I would verbally correct all/any snapping at people. For me it is not acceptable under any circumstance. I let young dogs work out for themselves if they are mouthing each other, they will let the other pup know if it is to rough.

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