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  1. When we had a similar problem it ended up that we were over feeding Merlin. We cut back a little and problem was solved. We had been careful to ensure his active time was about an hour after eating breakfast. He still naps after dinner.
  2. Merlin is two now and we started trail biking five months back. We started slowly, short distances at first. He has a sidecar that he rides in going to, and between, the four to seven parks. He always rides in his sidecar on the roads. When on the park trails he sets the pace, the colder the faster it seems. I prefer him out in front where he can alert me to oncoming traffic and I can see what mischief (rare) he is getting into. By breaking the route into one km up to three km segments, Merlin runs up to 15 km on a ride that will cover 20-30 km. While he does slow down towards the end of rides, he shows no sign of 'quitting'. My question is how far is too far? One post refers to travelling 20 miles out, then back (~60 km).
  3. Merlin's usual day starts with being let out to potty, breakfast, and chill time while I get a few details out of the way. Then we head out for a walk, hike or bicycle ride. Walks on low activity days. Hikes when time allows. Bicycle rides are the mainstay. He has a sidecar that he rides in to, and between, the four to seven parks he runs through. When on the park trails he sets the pace, the colder the faster it seems. I prefer him out in front where he can alert me to oncoming traffic and I can see what mischief (rare) he is getting into. By breaking the route into one to three km segments, Merlin runs up to 15 km on a ride that will cover 20-30 km. We have maintained a daily nap between 11:00 and 2:00. The remains of the day he follows me around while I do tasks. The evening he settles down after dinner and fades off to sleep.
  4. He loves to swim and ride in his bicycle sidecar. Trail running and making friends along the way are close seconds. Video
  5. Merlin was born on a farm and experienced snow and cold (to -6C) prior to joining us at 8 weeks old. Summer weather slows him down. Cold merely amps him up - loves it. Mind you we live in Victoria (Canada's mediterranean). 20170206_085621.mp4
  6. I was browsing Kijiji - another of the red flag warnings. Actually the deciding factor was the farmer's personality, knowledge and commitment to her livestock. The sidecar is a Chariot Sidecarrier for children. No longer in production. You can find them used online. 20170131_142859.mp4
  7. I spent hours learning what I could prior to picking our pup. In the end we chose a pup from an unexpected working dog litter. The farmer raised sheep, horses and bred BC's (for 40+ years as needed). She thought her last bitch was dry, so purchased a male pup to continue working. In time a surprise litter. After meeting with her and seeing the parents we opted for a pup. Upon discovering one of the two red & whites were available we simply accepted the one that would be unchosen. All the preparation and research out the window. Merlin is almost two and is a wonderful pup.
  8. Your thoughts? Does the BCSPCA have an oversight body?Does the BCSPCA know anything about herding breeds? They are also working on training standards that folks are concerned about.
  9. Riding in his sidecar when I am out bicycling. When i am working in the shop he'll hop in and give me the let's go cycling look.
  10. Merlin has one bald spot (thumbnail size) on his elbow. No sign of irritation, infection or skin problem. Suggestions please.
  11. How much is too much crate time? Merlin sleeps in his crate from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am then naps at 10:00 and 4:00 for about three hours each time. When the time comes he heads to his crate . He rarely falls asleep outside those times. If he does he'll wake and head to the crate. Otherwise he he a healthy alert and active 11 month old puppy. His morning walk is probably double the five km I travel with him. We are careful to limit his free play in the yard and other exertion. Having puppy zoomies in the evening has diminished of late.
  12. Merlin has discovered and loves swimming. Yesterday was his first canoe ride. Now the question is; 'How cold is too cold to swim?'
  13. Merlin is 10 months old and his training for the most part is going very well. He has good food and toy drive. We have trained him with intent to keep him calm and as a pet not a working dog. Simple commands and lengthy requests are understood and followed through on. His morning walk is still about discovery with intermittent brief training sessions along the way. Afternoon and evening training sessions are also brief between playtime. Recently he has learned to swim and loves it. He can be difficult on recall when he really gets involved in activities; like swimming. Within our fenced property he has earned off leash privileges by responding very well. As we live in an urban environment he is leashed everywhere else, except swimming. My query is when do we increase the obedience intensity without dampening his enthusiasm?
  14. Thank you all for your replies. So far he only chews up the green ones and is leaving the riper darker ones alone. I am cautiously optimistic that when the ground is blanketed with ripe acorns he will give up on them.
  15. Acorns to be exact. Garry Oak acorns. Merlin is 9 1/2 months old and has been eating the odd acorn, green, for a few months now with no apparent ill effects. He is a dainty eater so all food gets chewed thoroughly. We are about to have acorns rain down from our cops of old trees. Should I be concerned
  16. Thank you all for the feedback. Merlin is very good at self control under most circumstances. I will have to try giving him 'his' part of the task. Today's chuckle came when he tried to help with the pry bar as I took concrete forms apart.
  17. Our 7 month old BC does not like to see me working. While normally a quiet well behaved pup, his response to doing simple chores is out of character. Raking, sweeping, drilling, or moving equipment around elicit aggressive barking and attacks on tools. He can be anywhere in the yard when I use my cordless drill and he will come running/barking to put an end to it. The same with raking or sweeping where he attacks the tool. He will attack the wheels of stationary tools when i move them. Could this be a jealousy/attention issue? A herding instinct coming out?
  18. The "deal with it" comment is interesting. I am old enough that I am up regardless of the pup. As stated my concern was for the pup's schedule. I am looking for advice to set him up to succeed.
  19. Merlin is 17 weeks and my concern is starting him sleeping through the night too soon and him regressing. At the moment he goes to sleep around 8:00 pm, I wake him around 3:00 for a piddle, then up around 6:00. This last week waking him at 3:00 or 3:30 is a task. How soon should one expect their pup to sleep through the night?
  20. From what I understand, our 17 week old border collie is very well behaved for his age. He has a 'soft mouth'. During an end of day exuberant tug session he released my thumb without breaking skin when I jammed it in his mouth. That said he does still mouth or snap (short as a rule) as he gets tired. What I find interesting is he only does it with the two of us. While he has barked at two dogs, he does not snap or mouth other dogs he is playing with. I find this a curious thing.
  21. Thank you. We were concerned about joints from too much too soon. Merlin gets the 'zoomies' in the afternoon. Good to know we should let him wear himself down.
  22. Merlin has been with us 2 1/2 weeks and appears to be settling in well. Housebreaking is going very well. I have read that pups should be 'active' for 5 minutes/month of age as a 'rule of thumb'. He does appear to be more energetic. He comes from healthy working stock. It has been years since we last had a dog and are new to border collies; feedback would be appreciated. Daily routine at 10 weeks old (times approximate depending on Merlin): 2:00 am - Up for potty 5:30 - Up for potty 6:30 - Up for brushing and quiet time 7:00 - down to playroom for chase, tug, training, tug, wrestle with Boo (stuffy from breeder) 7:20 up for quiet time with Kong 7:40 - nap in den (crate) 8:30/9:00 - 20 to 30 min walk followed by quiet time with Kong 10:00 to 12:00 - nap 12:00 - down to playroom for chase, tug, training, tug, wrestle with Boo (stuffy from breeder) 12:30 quiet time with Kong 1:00 to 3:00 - nap 3:00 outside for chase, tug, training, tug 3:30 - 4:30/5:00 nap 5:00 walk, training followed by quiet time with Kong 5:30 - 6:30 nap 6:30 - playtime includes chase, tug, training, tug, wrestle with Boo 7:00 - lights out for the night 10:00 - Up for potty
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