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Double TPO and Agility advice


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Sure could use some advice on this. I have an eighteen month old red and white, Derry, who at eleven months had a double TPO surgery. Before surgery she was in an agility class that she had a great time in. Even got an award, (class clown.) Ok, so we've gone through another obedience class and have done a lot of homework since then. :D


In getting the surgery the doctor said future agility would probably be out but running with me was fine. After an appropriate recovery Derry and my other, much older, BC that we rescued about three months ago have been averaging about 30 miles per week. In addition she gets one or two pretty hard play sessions a day on our ranch. (Play till she sits down.)


My gut is telling me to go back and ask the doc at about a year after surgery if agility might be a possibility. Derry is looking incredible on speed and cuts. I know she'll never be a serious competitor but I also know she had the time of her life doing it and just want her to have fun. So I'm looking for suggestions as to whether I'm totally out to lunch on this and need to put my idea on a leash! :rolleyes: Did I say she's looking in great shape...

TIA! -jay

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I don't really know much about TPO surgery and agility, but things like water therapy REALLY help ( read about Lindy here ). So ask maybe if there is anything in terms of therapy that could get her agility-ready if she isn't already.


If competing isn't an option you can still do agility. Little jumpers courses (with low just like 12") in the back yard, very very low equipment, etc. If the doc gives the OK for that. Plenty of retired dogs do little things like that just for fun.


Good luck!

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Rhborder, thanks sooo much for that link. Maybe she can, maybe she can't, but that link said its possible. That's one thing that to me was such a long shot.


Kat, thanks also! She has always run around like she had created her own agility course. Lately she has been doing laps including the back porch, taking off from about 5-6 feet out and clearing three steps easily at about 30". She lands without breaking stride and races to the other side thirty feet away and jumps off the same. All the while with the biggest smile. (I've had three BC's, I know the smile! :rolleyes: I know it sounds weird but its almost like she has more "hops" than before surgery. For a 36 pounder, she moves well, but I would still wait until a full year after surgery before even getting her back on equipment.


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