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aching multiple dogs to walk on leash together

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Hi all,

Me and my five hooligans recently moved from the farm to the city, things are in general going ok. We hit a slight rough patch when the neighbors bunny came calling in the night and didn't survive, but overall neighbors handled it rather well. My problem is I can't always physically take all five

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Wow! That's a lot of dogs to walk. I can see how that could get complicated. If you have many close neighbors, see if any of them would be interested in going for walks with you. When I lived in an apartment out in Maryland, I would go walk with 2 of my neighbors that did have dogs. It's a nice way to get some chit-chat in, while also getting some exercise, both for the dogs and the humans! While it may not be possible to have a friend or neighbor every day, it could help make some days more manageable for you. You may also want to ask high school or college students if they'd like to walk with you or for you. They could even just take one dog out on it's own for a bit. I know I would have done this for you when I was in college or back before I moved to a farm. These days I'd be up for walking dogs with you. Good luck!

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