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  1. Recently my sister's dog encountered a life threatening incident around a pool, she almost drowned since she couldn't swim, someone had to jump in to rescue her. Since then my sister is totally freaked out of the idea of her dog playing around the pool. Her house has a pool in the back yard and she doesn't know what to do to limit her dogs movement to avoid another incident. Someone suggested Dog Life Jackets, has anyone tried them? do you think they will solve anything?
  2. Thank you for the information, really appreciate.
  3. Most dogs do pretty well with dewclaws but some people would advice removing the dew claws whenever they get in the way of your dog's play time. However, its advisable to rid off the dewclaws when your do is still a puppy to avoid stitches. If you can manage the declaws a bit longer until your dog is trained to avoid hurting you then that would save you the cut.
  4. If money was limitless in this case i would set up a large structure to act as the indoor training facility to cater for the winter season. I wish it was happening now though.
  5. Congratulations to Lily and you, good stuff
  6. Congratulations, peli is an awesome name.
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