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  1. Aw, thank you! I like to think he is very cute. He has been doing well with sit, lie down, stay, standup, shake, high-five. I'm impressed so far, but I might have to start creating some useful and fun ones like you have. I can't seem to get him to follow a treat for "roll over", even though I've watched many YouTube videos on it. He also isn't good at "chase your tail" because he sits his butt down, then tries to scoot around. LOL! At least those commands aren't as important as some of the others. We're signing up for a puppy obedience class that starts the end of the month, mostly for puppy
  2. She sure is cute! I love you cute little commands. "Stay out of foreign conflicts!" and "Go be happy over there." How did you train "Go be happy over there?" That sounds like something my Fisher needs to learn! How big is she now that she's a year old? Do you have any better "hunches" on her breed(s)? She does look like Border Collie to me, but I just have a 12 week old one myself, so I'm pretty new to looking at pictures of Border Collies.
  3. Tea, I was going to move it, but I didn't see a way to move it after I posted it. I originally put it in here because I figured that the lifestock folks would know more on the topic than the agility folks. Then I realized that there was a training category under stock. Oops! If you know how I can move it, I'd be happy to. Thanks to everyone else for your suggestions! It sounds like I'm being overly cautions with my dog. We are planning to sign up for puppy obedience in the next class, the end of March. I may start teaching him to heel, because he's in need of leash manners! He loves to bit
  4. I debated putting this in the training forum, but I felt the working stockdogs forum would have more people with stockdog experience seeing it. Edit: Now that I've posted this I see there is a training group inside of stockdogs. This post should be there, but I don't see a way to move it. If that's possible, I'll gladly move it. Sorry for posting in the wrong topic! I have an 11 week old Border Collie that was bred for herding. Both of his parents work on a 150,000 acre cattle ranch! My intentions for him are on a much smaller scale, but I still want to make sure I do things right. W
  5. I love hearing everyone's responses on this! Blaze, your dog is a bit older than mine, but I'll share with you what we've been doing for "bonding," maybe it'll give you some ideas. Right now I'm working on basic obedience with Fisher (11 weeks). He also goes where we go. If we are out in the yard, he comes outside with us. If we are in the house, he's in the house (although he's in his crate a good bit of the time for potty training, and so he doesn't get into trouble when we can't watch him). My husband and I each take several breaks a day with Fisher, where we work on obedience, play wi
  6. My limited experience with Border Collie breeders in my general area (Mid & Northern Michigan) is that dogs are bred for herding and/or agility. I haven't see "strictly pet" Border Collies, other than ones not from breeders, such as listings on Craigs List & Hoobly, possibly coming from an "oops my dog got pregnant" situation. Although, to be honest, some of them are probably from breeders, and I should give them more credit. I did actually find my pup's breeder on Hoobly, after all, and was very pleased with the entire experience. They just tend to be more difficult to get information
  7. No tan around his butt. I figured he wasn't tri, when I was comparing him to his siblings. I was tempted to go with a tri female, because of her coloring (even though I initially had wanted a male). My husband picked out Fisher, because he has a unique brown + white ear (even though he had initially wanted a female). We also liked the two spots on top of his head. I'm really happy with our puppy and love him to pieces, so his lack of light brown isn't a deal breaker. I'd love to be able to take photos outside in the sun, but unfortunately the sun is in short order here in Michigan in
  8. Wow! That's a lot of dogs to walk. I can see how that could get complicated. If you have many close neighbors, see if any of them would be interested in going for walks with you. When I lived in an apartment out in Maryland, I would go walk with 2 of my neighbors that did have dogs. It's a nice way to get some chit-chat in, while also getting some exercise, both for the dogs and the humans! While it may not be possible to have a friend or neighbor every day, it could help make some days more manageable for you. You may also want to ask high school or college students if they'd like to walk wi
  9. I don't see any lightness under his tail at the base, but then again, that fur hasn't come in fully yet either. A week or two ago, I thought I did some some lighter spots on him when we were outside in good sunlight. Now I don't see any of that. I think his eyebrows are dependent upon lighting too. I suppose I will just have to give it some more time and see. He is a bit of trouble, but his adorableness makes up for it. He's my first puppy, and actually my first ever dog too. I've fostered dogs and done lots of dog sitting, but never truly had one of my own! He just melts my heart every t
  10. Hello! I'm thrilled to be part of the Border Collie club. So far, I'm loving my new puppy. He turned 11 weeks, this past weekend. I've had him for 2 weeks and have enjoyed watching him grow and develop his personality. When I bought the puppy, the breeder told me it was a Brown Tri, even though he didn't have any of the light brown/tan color. He said that the puppy would grow into it. I noticed that his other litter-mates did have the light brown/tan color, so I thought it was odd he didn't have it, if he was in fact going to be a tri. I am curious what you guys think. Do you see any
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