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Bio-Sensor and new born puppies. good, bad or neutral?


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I have read good and bad about Bio-Sensor. This consists of 5 small exercises that expose a very young pup to controlled stress. The theory is that the immune system is strengthened, the dog is better able to handle stress and has improved social skills.


The good:



The bad:



I just seeking personal opinions about this. Does it work?

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I've heard and read the same pros and cons, but from what I've seen, there is no clinical evidence any of this makes a measurably stronger, better, different dog. Personally, I think that just raising pups in a healthy environment with ample opportunities to experience a healthy variety of scents, sounds, textures and experiences is good enough. The doggie equivalent of letting kids play outside in the dirt and climb trees and run and just be kids. ;)

Maybe someone here can come back with some scientific rebuttal, and if that's the case, I'll concede. But that's what I believe. We don't need super dogs, we just need well-rounded, well raised, well bred dogs who are handled with respect and kindness.



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Other discussions of this should be in the archives here.


I have done it some, not consistently. I think to really come to a conclusion you would have to have multiple litters raised from the same parents in the same household ect and this be the only variable. I am increasingly in the camp that genetics makes all the difference in the world in behaviors and skills and even personality traits. We can raise dogs to either increase or decrease what they have been born with, set them up for success or set them up with obstacles they will need to overcome.


I have read some of the books Mike Ritland has written about his days working with military dogs, I believe he mentions these exercises in a positive light.

Personally I figure some stimulation will not hurt, how much it helps I have no idea.

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I got the impression from the "bad" link that the pups may have been raised without much interaction and/or socialization of any kind other than the Bio-Sensor sessions. If that's the case, it's no wonder the dogs were as described as adults.


If something like this would benefit the dogs, I'd think it would have to be in conjunction with, and not instead of, good socialization practices. And as others have said, I suspect most puppies raised in a homes where they get lots of handling, attention and exposure to a variety of stimulating environments would be subject to much the same kinds of experiences, just not in the same calculated and regimented way.

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