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introducing a new puppy

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Need Help introducing a new puppy 10 week old female puppy Australian Shepherd ( my daughter just brought home. This was a surprise to me ) with a 10 years old fixed border collie male . The male has show reactive behavior with other dogs on the leash.

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Not sure what your last sentence is meant to read, but the foremost thing I'd say is be sure the puppy is not allowed to pester the older dog., even if the pup is just trying to "be friends." Don't let the pup have free run of the house, but rather use baby gates, crating and x-pens to ensure the old dog has his safe places and that the pup can't get into mischief where you can't watch him. Make sure the older dog's beds and favorite places are kept safe. Don't allow the puppy to invade his space or pester him when he wants to be left alone.

Also, make sure to feed them separately and do not allow the puppy to bother the old dog when he's eating. If you know the old dog is a gentle soul and he growls or snaps at the puppy for getting in his face or trying to steal toys or whatever, I would say don't scold the older dog unless he is unfair or too harsh about it. You don't want to make the old dog feel that he can't do anything until he's so annoyed he actually hurts the pup.

But if you were saying that the older dog can be sharp or nasty with other dogs, then just make sure the puppy can't annoy the old dog. The older dog is the boss and that's his house, so don't let jealousy, resources guarding or territorial behaviors become an issue.

Best of luck!

~ Gloria

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I am also puzzled by the sentence "The male has show relative behavior with other dogs". Have no idea what that means, but the advice you have received above is good. I will also add that sometimes the older adult starts out hostile and later on will become more friendly to the newcomer, but this is not likely to happen unless the older dog's space is protected and the puppy is not allowed to harass the older dog. Carefully monitor interactions and allow the older dog to set boundaries.

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