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Max in North Carolina

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I am fostering a particularly nice puppy right now. Please take a look at Max on Carolina Border Collie Rescue (cbcr.org) website. Sorry, I couldn't get his bio to paste into this posting. Be prepared - he is eye candy and has a personality to match!

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Here you go. Looks like a great pup.About Max:


Max came to CBCR when his original owner found himself homeless and made the best decision for his puppy. His foster has spent the past few weeks helping him develop dog manners, including crate and housebreaking, playing nice and curbing his incessant need to chew on everything. Resource guarding of toys and people was nipped in the bud but could rear its ugly head without appropriate correction.


This puppy is very keen to work sheep and, as a registered ABCA dog, is recommended for a working home. He has an absolutely wonderful, biddable personality and excellent recall for his age, however deer make him lose his mind.


To date Max has no noise phobia and is not reactive to moving machinery. He resides in a multi dog household, has met many other dogs and people in many environments and is friendly to all. He has been transported across many states and is an excellent traveler.


He does show herding behaviors that irritate non herding breeds and would chase small dogs if allowed. He has not been exposed to children or cats.


He is located in central NC. Contact Diane (Americana.Farm@gmail.com ) for additional information.

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