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Pipedream Farm SDT (Sept 16-18, 2016 Middletown, MD)

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Here is the entry form for this year's SDT.


Our judge this year is Barbara Armata

She will also be judging Long Shot Farm SDT in Church Hill MD the following weekend (Sept 23-25)

This year Pipedream Farm and Long Shot Farm are offering a Maryland Challenge Award, a prize crook, to the team with the highest combined score from both trials. Pipedream Farm SDT is on a hill while Long Shot is flat; both run on farm flocks of hair sheep.


Trial Field description:

Approximately 250-300 yard outrun with a 125' elevation gain

Small dogleg in the fetch to avoid a rocky outcropping

There is a 10'-15' steep slope that runs across the field near the top of the fetch

The cross drive has difficult terrain changes which include crossing this steep slope

2016 Pipedream Farm SDT Entry.pdf

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We have received enough entries to fill both open days. We will wait until the end of this week to ensure all "first day" entries have been received. We will then post how we are handling the over subscription of open. There are available spots on the novice day.

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We are pleased to announce that with the help of Dr Emily Falk we will be collecting samples for the ABCA Health and Education Foundation's study on EAOD and the DNA sample bank. If you are interested in providing samples from your dogs please come prepared with the registration numbers for your dogs. I will have copies of the form to be filled out and the supplies to collect samples.


Please note that new fencing was installed on the property line through what has been our parking/camping field, maneuvering a camper in this field is now very difficult. Camping will be in field along the right side of our drive (a flat field). The entrance to the camping field is at the beginning of our drive and will be marked. Parking (no RVs) will continue to be down our drive in the field near the house.


Mark & Renee Billadeau

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The Open handlers meetings will be at 6:45am; first dog on the field at 7am.

Sunday's handlers meeting will be at 7:45am with first dog on the field at 8am.

The running orders are posted below.

There are white posts in the camping field to mark rocks you may not see in the dark. Please do not camp near the water tank, this is their water source in the exhaust field.
We will be collecting samples for the ABCA Health and Education Foundation's funded study on EAOD and the DNA sample bank. If you wish to submit samples please bring a copy of the pedigrees; the researchers would like these for their study. There will be a sign-up sheet by the score boards for submitting samples and we will be collecting towards the end of the trial days.
Mark & Renee Billadeau

Pipedream Farm 2016 Novice Run Order.pdf

Pipedream Farm SDT 2016 Open 2.pdf

Pipedream Farm SDT 2016 Open 1.pdf

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