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I have a few agility friends telling me that I could easily qualify Lily for Champs, but I'm a little confused about what I would need to qualify... Lily is starting in Elite Standard this weekend, but is only in open jumpers and is still one Q away from getting into open chances... If I run Lily in Elite Standard would I have to also be running her in Elite Jumpers and Chances to qualify for champs?


Also there is something about pre-elite qualifying that says nothing about Jumpers or Chances, but requires 100 standard points to qualify... Does anyone know anything about qualifying for that instead of the Regular Champs?


Any input would be helpful!

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Pre-Elite requires nothing but 100 points in Standard to qualify - provided the dog does not already have 100 points in elite. (Ie: A dog running elite for a while couldn't drop down and still qualify for Pre-elite at champs).

Regular Champs - Yeah. They don't have various levels. All the dogs run the same courses. Those courses are all basically 'standard', but they all include some challenges above and beyond a regular weekend. sometimes that's extra sets of weaves, or more jumps or what have you and they ALL have distance lines on them. But basically whether she gets her 2 Qs she needs from open or in elite - she's going to be running the same course as dogs who got their qualifying points in Elite level games.

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Oh wait, I misunderstood the question.

Yes, you can Qualify for champs with open Qs. Not novice, but elite/open both count for qualifying. I think -think- it's 20 points in jumpers and chances and 80 in regular? But I'm not sure.

Also like I said - same courses once you're there, regardless.

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I would strongly suggest joining the NADAC Forum. Some questions are answered in the "General Discussion" section, but there is also a Championship section where questions like yours have been asked and answered. Under the Media tab is the premium for the pre-trial ("Pre-Champs) events (classes, like Chances, Tunnelers, etc. for which you can earn titling qualifiers; that includes all classes except regular. Also under the Media tab is the entry form, and lots more information!


See you in Utah?!



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