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Looking for a BC pup -- Breeder suggestions

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Ok so I'm going to ask this question and hope for more answers than go to trials, observe and talk to people. I have not found herding people to be very inclusive to strangers.


I have been involved in agility and flyball since 1995. I have had 4 rescued Border Collies and a rescued BC mix. I have fostered many dogs thru our Humane Society and with a BC rescue group. I have worked at herding training with two of our BCs. My current BC is a great dog, willing to do anything. She's doing ok with herding even though we only get to train once a week from Mid March thru Mid October. She does not have the confidence with her sheep that she needs to get very far in trialing. At this point we are only aspiring to AKC B course. I am not a fan of AKC for several reasons, but that's what we can be successful at. She was adopted at 6 1/2 months and missed the socialization that would have possibly made her more confident.


I am looking for a good breeder of working dogs that will be willing to place a pup with a person that will keep a dog busy and trained, doesn't have her own stock but will continue on with herding lessons and go as far as the dog and I can go. I always start a dog with basic obedience and we train 2-4 times per week. We also let the dogs be dogs and go hiking and swimming and just play dog games.


We are located outside St. Paul, MN. If anyone has any suggestions for a good working dog breeder I'd appreciate it. We are willing to travel for the right dog and are not in a hurry. I have never purchased a dog from a breeder so any insight into what to ask is welcome as well.




Gina Pizzo

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I can't help with a breeder in that part of the country. However, I will say that I had no trouble whatsoever getting breeders of working dogs to speak with me (I was looking for an agility prospect). I sent a brief introductorily email asking for the best time to call and then called at that time.


I did have trouble finding a litter from health tested parents (hips, eyes).

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No help with breeders, but my experience going to trials was great. I had several complete strangers take me under their wing and help me learn about everything and help me find a trainer. They spent hours making sure I felt welcome.

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