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Small Glitch

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I'm sure people have noticed that there's a glitch when people attempt to make lists using letters and commas.


A) works fine, as do other letters except B. Using both upper and lower case Bs plus commas inevitably result in B).


Just thought I'd mention it for whomever does tech stuff here.

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Does this mean it's been fixed . . . .or that you're able to do it. OK. Here's my test.


B) using an upper case B


ETA: Well it seems that it happens for some and not others. It doesn't convert for me until after I've his the post button, so I can't tell prior to that.

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Hmmm. So I unclicked "enable emoticons" and it didn't do it.


Now I cant find that button again, so I don't know if it's permanently disable or not. Guess I'll find out the next time I try use emoticons.


Thanks. ;)




ETA: Haha. Guess not. and I still can't find it again. :P

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