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question on clicker training..

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i have checked out many sites on clicker training, including clicktrainingusa, and aboutdogtraining.com. It mentions alot that its recommended to do up to 3 15 minute sessions of clicker training a day. The one question I had was, should I be using the clicker outside of the training sessions? For example, if Im watching tv, and ask her to sit. Should I always be rewarding with treats throughout the day, and using the clicker?





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Originally posted by MaggieDog:

I use a verbal marker so that I can always catch things I like.

I use my verbal marker more than the actual clicker. It's always handy and I don't tend to drop it at inopportune times :rolleyes: This makes a quick training session during commercials very easy. You don't even need to get out of your chair.



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The clicker is useful because it mark the corect little microsecond your dog is doing what you want and it speed the time a dog take to catch wath you want of him and the learning process, but once the exercise has been learned, you can praize the dog just with your voice if you want. To use a clicker to train the dog doesn't mean you have to attach it surgically to your body to do not loose the thing even in the shower :rolleyes: .

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