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A request for information on USBCHA and NCA oriented associations

Sue R

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I am compiling a list of USBCHA and NCA oriented associations for the ABCA Health and Education Foundation. I have quite a list of them but I am sure I am missing some. If you belong to one or more, or know of one or more, would you mind emailing me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com with the information that you have?


Thanks very much! This is something I can't accomplish well without help from those in the know!

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Here is a list of the organizations I already have in my database:


Antelope Valley SDA (may not be active)

Alberta SDA

British Columbia SDA

Canadian Border Collie Association

Central Cattledog Assn (NCA)

Colorado SDA

Eastern Idaho SDA

Georgia SDA

High Desert Sheepdogs

Iowa SDA

Kentucky Border Collie Assn

Land of Lincoln Border Collie Assn

Manitoba SDA

Mid-South SDA

Mid States SDA

Mississippi SDA/CDA

Mountain and Plains Border Collie Assn

Mountain States SDA (NCA)

National Cattledog Assn

Northeast Border Collie Assn

Nebraska SDA

Northern California Working Sheepdog Assn

Ohio Valley SDA (does not appear to be active)

Oklahoma SDA

Ontario Border Collie Club

Oregon Sheepdog Society

Outback SDA (NCA)

Redwood Empire SDA

Rocky Mountain SDA

San Joaquin Valley Border Collie Assn

Saskatchewan SDA

Show Me Stockdog League

Southeast Missouri Stock Dog Club

Southern SDA (NCA)

Sundowner SDA

Texas Hill Country SDA

Texas Sheep/Cattledog Assn

Utah SDA

Virginia Border Collie Assn

Washington Stockdog Handlers Assn

Wisconsin Working SDA

Wyoming SDA


(SDA = Stock Dog Assn)

(NCA = National Cattledog Assn sanctioned trials)


If you have information on any other groups affiliated with the USBCHA or NCA, please let me know.

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As far as I know, there is no Colorado Stock Dog Association. The only stockdog association in Colorado that endorses ISDS-type trials and working border collies exclusively (as opposed to AKC or all-breed clubs) is the Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association.

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Thank you for clarifying that - I found the name "Colorado Sheepdog Association" but with the website www.mpbca.org so maybe I got something mixed up there. I've been a bit tired once or twice working on this. ;)


Thanks for setting me straight, Laura!

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Yes, that happened to me, Roxanne, but when I googled Mountain and Plains Border Collie Association, I found the link to the website, which appeared to have the same address only it is dot org instead of dot com. It is an active club.


Thanks to all for your suggestions!

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