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I am half way through a new book called Teach Your Herding Breed to be a Great Companion Dog: From 0bsessive to Outstanding . I know there is a thread for books but I also know that there are a lot of beginners lurking on the General Border Collie Discussion that might not go to that part of the forum. Anyway, I have no affiliation to the author or distributer (Dogwise) but I am finding that this is one of those books, like Control Unleashed, that I wish I had when I first got Juno. It is basically a training book, and many of the suggestions won't be new to people on this forum, but for new Border Collie owners, it could be invaluable. Even though I have read many books, bought quite a few videos, spent a lot of time on utube, and spent a lot of time on this forum, this book really seemed worthwhile for me. Because i live in Canada it was quite expensive for me after the shipping and exchange but I am still glad I got it.

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Dear Doggers,


Patricia McConnell knows a lot about Border Collies and has run in HA novice trials.


While author Antoniak-Mitchell may have some experience with the breed, her Amazon bio is not encouraging "Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell is the author of Terrier-Centric Training, and From Birdbrained to Brilliant. She is the owner of BonaFide Dog Academy in Omaha, Nebraska."


"Herding breed" is the AKC name for a showdog group, ancestors of which may or may not have worked livestock in the remote past and are as different today as the Corgi, the Border Collie, the malinois, the Canaan Dog and the Old English Shepherd.


The word, "herding" is a misnomer, what AN Whitehead called, "The fallacy of misplaced concretion" : assuming that because there's an (AKC) name, certain dogs (German Shepherd, Spanish Water Dog, Miniature American Shepherd?) share important behavioral characteristics with other dogs grouped under that name.




Donald McCaig

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As I said in my earlier post I was only half way through the book yet impressed enough to post my thoughts. I am a little further into the book now and I continue to be very impressed. For example, I have been using a mat successfully for a long time now for many activities, but I had never thought of using the doorbell as a cue, or placing it in consistent places for specific purposes. Again, from a beginner's point of view, I really wish I had this book when I first got Juno.




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I suspect this book is one of the type that the author essentially writes one book and then edits it slightly to appeal to different audiences and republishes it with a different title. In this case, it sounds like there might be a few references to herding breeds and in the previous book to terrier breeds, but that the training advice is materially the same in the two books, as it will be in the subsequent editions (e.g. sporting breeds, working breeds, toy breeds, etc.) she comes up with. Cookie cutter training with slightly different decorations. There seems to be an industry of such things recently.


That's not to say that the training guidelines aren't very useful. They may well be. (I haven't read it so I can't comment and will take Ourwully's review to be spot on.) I just doubt they're as breed (or group/breed type) specific as the title suggests. The exercises and tips mentioned are ones I've seen in or heard from any number of generic training sources.


I'm guessing this author's book on training terriers would have been remarkably identical and just as helpful. ;)

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