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Grace Home.htm I'm so excited she is here. She is a handful to say the least. I have taken her outside at least 20 times already, then I was in the other room doing something when she started barking, she needed to go outside and already letting us know. WOW! Impressive. I was wanting to know something....The lady I got her from was feeding her raw food, blending it in the blender, she gave us some for four days, of course telling us to alternate it with the kibble we will be feeding her. Grace has gobbled up some kibble and I of course took it away thinking she has had her fair share for the evening. Will it stop her up? She also drinks A LOT of water. Should I be worried?

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Hmmm. I'm sure I'd answered this a couple days ago but don't see it.


Drinking a lot of water is a sign of stress. Transitioning to a new home is stressful. Wink did the same thing. It'll lessen shortly, though she'll also need to drink more water on kibble than she did on raw.


I wouldn't give her more kibble than she should have in a meal. Not sure if you were offering it free choice, but free feeding's never a great idea.


Congratulations! Have fun with her.

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