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There are tons of clubs in Texas. Check out www.flyballdogs.com They have a list of teams by state as well as a locator board. Under the "teams" section there are 11 clubs listed in Houston. Most of the competitions are held in Hutto (just north of Austin). You can also check out the Region 5 web page (the region for TX). It has a club contacts list with contacts for all of the clubs in the region. www.flyball.com/region5/


There is a lot of foundation work you can do with a young puppy. Many clubs don't allow you to do a regular "class" until they are a year, but some have foundation type classes for younger puppies. I'd highly reccomend the Spring Loaded DVDs. They have tons of really good things you can do with even young puppies to get them ready for flyball. The first video is primarily puppy foundation work (although the techniques also work well with older dogs & rescues). They are available at www.flyballtrainingvideos.com


Good luck!


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