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  1. 1,000 pound?? hes bien bitten by that!! its the 1 ton ones that are sceery!! Even Agro Cried......
  2. He was a great insperation for me. Its horrible. I keep a few snakes myself, so I am so glad he got me into them, or I would never have realized how amazing and intelegent they are. You spoke to the world about Animal awarness..and taught people how to respect reptiles ad show them there not evil . He was my hero. RIP Buddy ,your herps are in good hands. Jesus is waitng for you buddie ,and he has a hand full of snakes and a 19ft saltwater croc I bet! Take good care of him Jesus. My love and sypathy goes out to Teri,Bindi, Little Bob, his Dad, his best Bud Wes,and The Austrailian Zoo C
  3. But im back!!!! Tex is doing just fine!!! His coat is back to noraml and is growing very fAST!! Hell be a year next week!!!!!!! YAY! Sorry ive bien gone so long!!
  4. opps haha , I forgot about that its bein awhile since ive read that.Thanks!
  5. Hey I have heard good things about them from BC owners and some Bc owners that dont like them, why is that. I know that BC arnt that know in the AKC but is that the reason? Thanks!!!
  6. I also have seen it a few times ,hahaha, I think its within a few months, but im not sure, thanks for helping!
  7. Hey all, Ive bien gone for as bit!! I got reptiles,VBS, and church camp , and texs getting chiped and nuetered in the PAST FEW WEEKS AND IVE BIEN REALLY REALLY BUSY!!!! Tex is doing great he wasnt fased much from bieng nutered, hes got his little sac (so funny with it floping around were ever he goes! ) still, do yall know when it goes away? Sorry again! Tex and Justin
  8. I live only a couple opf miles from her! And we had more rain in our little area 2 weeks ago than weve had in this storm,but if you go to houston(about 10-20miles away) its a totaly diffrent storie!!
  9. No mops!!!no yapies nodog that gets smaller than 20 inches!!!
  10. Tex could care less if its storming or not but my aussie cattle dog hates it! We dont do anything about, she goes of under my bed and stays there till the storms gone! My grandmas dog HATES storms he will chew through anything durring one! The best cure is puppy prozac and benidril!
  11. NICE!! I would have done the same thing!! Maybe you should have used a sick 'em command !! I would have gotten more in her face but thats just me! I would contact like a park ranger type person and ask them if its ok.Welcome Back!
  12. I would love to work with him!!! My dad was a dog handler in the military so he could help out alot if you dont mind!! Tex loves to play and would probably aid in it!! My Dad said He would but hes not off alot exept saturday afternoons and sundays ,but hes going to take a week off in july sometime so maybe then!
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