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Poor Trooper just can't catch a break.


He's been doing REALLY well lately. We successfully lowered his dose of prednisone to 5 mg a day, and he's never looked better.


But. Always a but. He's had an abscessed tooth since we brought him home, but the we and the vet decided he wasn't a candidate for surgery until he was much more stable. It wasnt a horrible problem, and it never seemed to both him.


On Monday his face absolutely blew up. It was the typical swelling right under the eye indicative of a carnassial tooth abscess. I took him to the vet, where we decided the tooth would have to come out, whether he was ready or not. But they decided to take blood before the surgery and put him on antibiotics and tramadol for the time being.


They called last night with his bloodwork results, and his kidney levels suck.


We're really, really hoping it's just a UTI. Over the past couple weeks he's been having a little problem with incontinence, which we (and the vet) attributed to the prednisone. He'd have a little leakage throughout the day, and big time leakage if he got nervous or excited. (It took half an hour to clean the pee wiggles across the house left from door to door running while Keeper got training outside.) He does drink and pee a little more than most dogs, but we all assumed it was the prednisone.


So he goes in today to get a urine sample which I'm sure he'll LOVE. No surgery until we figure out his kidneys. Luckily the antibiotics have definitely knocked down much of the swelling. He's a little withdrawn, but he's getting through ok.


I have NO idea how this poor dog can go through so much and still be the happiest, most joyful animal I've ever met.

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Thank you for all the well wishes.


We just got back from the vet, who took a urine sample and some blood. They're doing a urine culture for a UTI and running a test for lepto.


Basically the 3 possibilities (according to the vet) are a UTI, lepto, and kidney failure. Obviously we're hoping it's not the latter.


I could be hoping for nothing, but he matches the onset for lepto. He went camping at a lake, a week later had a horrible fever and vomiting for a week and a half, and now 6 weeks later has reduced kidney function. Or I could hope the other direction that his urine leakage is a sign of a UTI.


Anything but kidney failure. Anything but kidney failure. Anything but kidney failure.

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