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Am I the only one who delights in making little shapes out of my dogs fur? It's so soft and malleable, and Maple certainly isn't a light shedder! Anyway, this is sort of random, but here's some examples.

Maple is the big heart and my yorkie, Pip, is the tiny black one. This may be gross but I think it's fun and makes me feel like I have something to do over break xD.


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Google needle felting. I've made some simple snowmen with my wool, but didn't have enough black for the eyes and buttons so I borrowed some border collie fuzz.

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I love the name Maple for a dog. My neighbor's son recently brought home a new pup named Maple. Excellent name!


(I don't make shapes from fur... but have seen companies that will actually take your dog's shed fur and spin it to yarn and then make you a hat or something out of it!)

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