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The rescue we adopted Gabe through just posted a young female BC mix and her two pups to their facebook page. They're not a breed-specific rescue, and I thought it might be good to share with some BC-knowledgeable people in hopes they get to the right home. And how freakin' cute.



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^^ Ditto . . . especially since I may be interested! ;)


ETA: From the FB page, it doesn't look like this rescue took in the pups, just the mother. None of them are on their website, though.


But, wow. Just wow. They're spaying (and offering for adoption!?) one month old pups. Even if they're not letting them go until they're 8 weeks old, that's just too young to spay & neuter (imo). :(

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They have a weird disconnect between what is on the FB page and what is on the website and petfinder. I thought I saw the mom and 2 pups on the FB page earlier today, but things change quickly. I will say though, we applied for our dog and was told he was already "spoken for" so to speak, and then got a short notice "the family who was supposed to come meet him bailed!" email and ended up adopting him. If you're interested, apply! I'd much rather see them all go to BC-knowledgeable homes than not. And agreed on the early spay/neuter

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