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Border Collie Mix in Knoxville, TN Needs a Home

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Hello all,


My current foster is having a difficult time finding an appropriate home so I thought I'd post here and see if that might help.


She is a 9 month old Border Collie (?) mix. She is extremely high energy, athletic (I have paw prints over my head on my screen door and I've seen her jump a 5 foot fence from a standstill) and is quite reactive. Now by reactive I don't mean aggressive, she just reacts to everything she sees, from trying to chase blowing leaves to constantly be on the move investigating everything. She is a great example of a dog that was never taught an "off switch" so we are working on installing one and teaching her how to have down time in the house where she doesn't have to be running around and constantly playing with the other dogs. She is very sweet and desperately wants to be a good girl, she just isn't sure how.


She does come from a known abusive past. The previous owners admitted to kicking her and encouraging their kids to hit her on the head when she jumped up. She was quite hand shy when she arrived but now comes when called, sits, downs, waits to eat and started a little bit of agility.


She is looking for a home that would pursue a dog sport with her and this is proving difficult to find. She is a petite girl, around 28 lbs and shorter than my 19" girl.


Now, introducing Zen!


Here she is with my two boys, showing how little she is










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So beautiful and so orange!


If my home were right for a high-energy dog, I'd take her in a second! But... I'm away 8 hours a day... so will have to continue to look for a low-to-medium energy dog.


Good luck finding the right home. She will make someone a great sports companion!

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I would like to adopt Zen. I have a little farm in Western Mass with sheep, goats, cats, dogs, my retired show horse, and a rooster. My 4 dogs are 2 BC's, an ACD rescue, and a Smooth Collie and we all do agility and herding. I am a teacher, so I have plenty of patience. I'm sure my girls can teach Zen how to be a good girl. What do you think?

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