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Thinking about moving forward with another BC

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Thinking about getting another BC after the loss of my heart dog in November. Looked at shelters, rescues, and a few "breeders". I ran across a few names that may be reputable breeders. I am thinking about just getting a puppy. I would consider a shelter or rescue dog but that just seem to go very fast. I wanted to mention a few of the people that I have talked to that are breeders but don't know if you are supposed to on this forum?? Thanks

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I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your dog.


Rescues do get pups from time to time and the best way to be considered for one is to have an approved application on file and then to ask to be put on a puppy list if they have one and also to check their available dogs sites at least daily. See if you can navigate the fine line between making sure they know you're seriously interested and bugging the heck out of of them (hard to know where that line may be LOL).


Also be aware that there's usually going to be a wait time for pups from good, responsible breeders as well. The ones you can contact and get a pup from today (or next week) aren't the ones you should be buying from.


Go to some sheepdog trials and network with folks.

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If you choose to mention breeders here, you can request replies by PM although you may find that people like to express their feelings out in public just so others are aware of those impressions of the mentioned breeders - and so that if one or more of them are those that people here would not recommend, people are made aware of that.

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