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  1. Hello, My one year old BC has an old cut on his rear foot. The vet said it was too late to fix it a month or so ago. It seems deep and although not infected, I wonder if it will accumulate stuff later and give him problems. Can they do anything with this? THANKS
  2. I have a new little baby that is three months old. Our dear "Saint" of a BC fetched at 7 weeks old and after having him less than a week. The new baby does not want to give us the object back. He goes nearby and drops down and chews on it. We read about reverse chaining from a trainer. It seems to be helping. We started with him just putting the object in our hand and worked backwards. I let him chew for as long as he wants. Sometimes I even put the toy back in his mouth to chew. He finally made the connection that we can not throw the objectl unless he gives it to us??? I hope that this continues to improve as time goes on. I exchanged the object for a treat a few times?!
  3. Thinking about getting another BC after the loss of my heart dog in November. Looked at shelters, rescues, and a few "breeders". I ran across a few names that may be reputable breeders. I am thinking about just getting a puppy. I would consider a shelter or rescue dog but that just seem to go very fast. I wanted to mention a few of the people that I have talked to that are breeders but don't know if you are supposed to on this forum?? Thanks
  4. Sorry to hear of your loss. The Boy had lymphoma cancer. I thought he was just getting older as he was 10 years. Then he went to the vet for a simple rabies shot. The vet asked if I had noticed small lumps on the side of his throat. He said that he had lymphoma cancer and would die. I felt my heart stop. I almost fell over. Two months later and he was gone. It is difficult to go on. I feel for you and your Ranger. Prayers......
  5. cdillard

    The Boy

    My beautiful BC boy has been gone since November 1, 2014. I was lucky enough to have this incredible dog for 10 1/2 years. He was better to me than my own kids. Cancer got him. Can't really tell all the stories about how smart the trick dog was. He came in to our lives and stole our hearts away. He left so suddenly. There is a hole in my heart. He was my boy. I have seen him a few times in the trees on the north side of the place. When he was here, I would always call to him that Mommy can't see you. He'd run out long enough to make eye contact, then run back in to play. I suppose I thought I saw him there because of this. I know that his spirit is with God. He saved my life. Thanks for sharing all the stories of your special dogs. It helps me know that there are others that understand.
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