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Some Three month progress

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Some of you may remember Freyja, our feral dog who spent seven months in the dog pound and was afraid of so many things including all men. She has made wonderful progress in many areas. I have been reading Control Unleashed, (thank you Cpt. Jack).


It is coming up on three months.


Something very exciting recently is that she allowed my husband to take her for a walk. Our walks used to be something like a reenactment of the Baatan Death March. She did not enjoy them at all, no sniffing, no looking around etc. just staring hopelessly at the person holding the leash. No pulling either which was the one bright spot for the human.


She has finally decided that the walks are potentially fun! She's even been going towards the door instead of running away when she sees the leashes come out. Going through doors used to be one of her problem areas. Now she wants her leash to be put on, but she does not like anybody "looming over her". So she jumps on the couch and I sit beside her and she lets me put her leash on quite calmly.


The biggest deal in all this, is that she went happily with my husband (A man with a low voice!) out the door without me or our other dog going along. It's a huge step.


She still has a problem with my autistic daughter. It is very slow going to make Freyja less reactive. When she feels at ease, she is a wonderful joyful dog. Playful and bouncy but more than willing to just lie on the couch with me, cuddled up. She has lots of energy compared to our other dog, but is not demanding.


I think it will be a very interesting summer!


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