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Rehabilitating Abused Animals

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This is a great short article! There seem to be fairly regular posts here about "I just adopted this dog, and....[insert various problems]." I think some of the behaviors are *not* a result of abuse - but abuse does take many forms. Worth a quick read!


Well, heck, why can't I copy the link??

Let's try this (I'm just re-entering the info, so hopefully it's correct!)




If that doesn't work, I did a search from the healthypets.mercola.com address, and found it as today's post. Whew. (sorry, not very tech-savvy here!)



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This URL works: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2015/03/30/abused-animals.aspx

I generally avoid using the word "abuse", but a lot of dogs that come into our rescue have been through really bad situations.

This is a photo of ex-foster, Rhys bach, taken with his previous owner.
Rhys bach took months before he was able to trust anyone.

My current foster had -- like many of the dogs from the Jefferson puppy mill -- her front teeth filed down. She was completely unsocialized and is only now gaining the confidence to meet new people and dogs.

Despite all of this (and I have plenty more examples), dogs have an amazing ability to shake off the bad times and get on with life. Time and patience are required, but given the right environment, they can learn to enjoy life -- and share that joy with people.

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@John - WHY would a dog have filed down teeth? I've never even heard of that. What could possibly be gained from that? Just asking, as I've never seen such a thing.

At puppy mills, I have been told that females often have their teeth filed down to prevent them biting males. Taff half ear, my previous had his canines snipped (he's called Teddy in that link) -- again, I believe to reduce biting. Some dogs will also waer their teeth down by chewing, but the wear pattern is different.

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tooth filing is not as common as it once was. More often the teeth are 'naturally' filed by the dog chewing wire fencing, chains, rocks or sometimes even hard toys. dogs get teeth knocked out (cars, cows, horses etc) and then through chewing will appear 'filed'.


The practice of filing was(is?) used on dogs that may have too much tendency to damage stock when they grip. I've known it to be used more often in GSD's and some of the larger European breeds. I don't think it was that common a practice. More often the dog just does it himself :)


And like others have said, I hate to use the term 'abused' unless I know for sure specifics. I recently took in a rescue, was he 'abused' some could say as I met the guy and he was 'teaching the dog a lesson' had him tied in the back of a stock trailer under the front of a rank horse. Not sure what the dog learned other than people are idiots!

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