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Undercoat changing color

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I have an odd question. I never noticed it in my other Border Collies but they were rough coated and black and white. But, my smooth coated, black tri-color Border has an undercoat that has changed color. It was always black, the same as her base color. She turned 5 years old and first I noticed that she now has some tan hairs (very sparse) among the black, on the top of her head. Then I noticed that when you part her coat on her body the undercoat is tanish/grey. Has anyone else noticed this in their dogs? Is this more common in a smooth coated Border? She is very short haired and perhaps she has more undercoat this year although she is a house dog.

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Gideon is one of those "medium" coated BCs and he has very little undercoat at all, but if you rub the hair on his head the wrong way, you are going to see tan undercoat. He is a tri, but this tan is on the back of his head, not where his tan spots are, and you can't see it at all if you don't rough up his fur. He also has tan undercoat hiding in his fluffy pants, so he got the nickname Fuzzbutt.

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