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How big??


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Depends on your definition of HUGE.


How old is he? If he is a year or older, the size he is now is pretty much the adult size plus any incremental growth/weight gain he has.


Great Pyrenees are easily over 90 - 100 lbs.


By Collie, do you mean a Border Collie or a Lassie-type collie? Quite a bit of difference in adult size between the two.

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If he's already 2 then the shelter will know how big he is and that will be how big he stays, so questions like that are probably best directed to the shelter you're working with. Without any indicators of size in the photo it's really hard to guess.


Many times it takes awhile for petfinder to get updated. Find a couple of local shelters and rescues and swing by every so often to see what dogs they have, as well as keeping tabs on petfinder. Good luck with your search.

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