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  1. Never mind, he got adopted a while back but was still listed on pet finder
  2. He's a lassie collie. He is 2 years old. And I mean how tall would he be? Sorry if I confused you all. Thanks GCV
  3. Not sure if this goes here but I was looking at adoptable dogs and I found him. Isn't he so cute?! It said he's a great prynese/collie mix. How big do you think he would be? He's a adult so he's already fully grown. I know my parents don't want to get a HUGEEEEE dog. Thanks!
  4. That's why I made a go fund me account and a online donation campaign. If anyone wants to know more about me and/or my fundraiser you can message me. The shelter has a wish list of things they want on their website. That's what I would be buying with the money. I can even post a picture of all the stuff I buy for proof, that I did use that money to buy shelter items.
  5. No, it's not. I found it online. I think he/she is gorgeous also!
  6. Thanks! And I already have 3 donation jars in 3 different class rooms My teacher mentioned something about teachers paying $3 on Fridays to wear jeans and the $3 from each teacher would go to that cause a student is doing. I'm going to ask my principal about it now and I'll tell you all what he says.
  7. I'm raising money for Help The Animals shelter in my city. That shelter is a NO-KILL shelter! So far I have raised $20 online and $30 at school. All money raised will be used to buy dog toys, cat beds, treats, ect. Then all of that stuff will be donated to the shelter. My goal is to raise $500. I know I can reach that goal with your help! Thank you all for your help and support. <3 Donate Online-http://gofundme.com/lc3ooc Help Shelter Website-http://helptheanimalsinc.com
  8. Thanks! Should I just make a new post? That why the title isn't different from the cause?
  9. This is the fund for the help shelter.http://gofundme.com/lc3ooc Someone donated $20 online, and I've got about $50 from school (I'm not showing this to get more money btw)
  10. Well, that actually said yes I could get another dog if I do my chores and stuff like that. And I figured people wouldn't want to donate cause they don't know who I am and stuff. I am trying to sell stuff at my house to raise money. I'm actually raising money for a awesome no kill shelter at my city. I've raised about $60 so far But yeah, in see what you all are saying
  11. And I'm 15 btw if you guys didn't know. I'm not a adult lol
  12. Nooooooo, we can take care of another dog, we already have one and a rabbit I just wanted to try and raise money for buying the dog, and maybe if I could buy it myself, my parents would be more likely to say yes to letting me get another. We have enough money to pay for vet bills and stuff. I just wanted to buy the dog myself. My parents could adopt one for me, but I was going to be nice and say "if I pay to adopt the dog, could we get it" my parents would pay for the vet bills.
  13. If everyone could visit this link if appreciate it! I'm trying to raise money to buy a shelter dog. You can see what all my donation campaign is about on the link. Thank you so much! http://www.gofundme.com/mfv7aw
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