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Hello all! It's been awhile since I've posted on these boards.

Anyways, I have been looking into breeders, not heavily yet, because having a dog won't happen until at least three to four years. However, I want to get started looking at BC breeders. This is because, when I do get a BC [if that is the breed I'm getting], I want to have some breeders I can refer too. Now, I know there are other breeder out there,but I really respect her, from what I've seen on her website.

If you have met one of their dogs(whether produced, or is/has been used for breeding). What is their Temperament like? Drive?
How their dogs compare to others who do sheep work?
As a whole- How is this breeder? Would consider a dog from here?

Feel free to PM with answers(or questions) you don't feel comfortable posting here.

Thanks to all those who answer!

Oh, and sorry for the stupid questions.

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Thanks to all those who have answered!


I'd contact her even if you're a couple years out from getting a dog. Making a connection is good, and she breeds infrequently and her puppies are in high demand.

Would it be wise to contact her right now? Or should I wait?

Dear Ms. Firefly,


Fiona Robertson is brilliant with the dogs and kind. Even if you aren't ready for a dog, introduce yourself.


Donald McCaig

That's great to hear! So pleased that this breeder is "good".

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I'm late to this, but I know a Creekside dog. He has a lovely temperament, great drive. He was on his way to becoming a super nice agility dog when injury forced early retirement. But he still works sheep. He's pushy, the handler has to be on top of him, but he's keen and has no quit in him.


Fiona breeds very infrequently and usually has a list of people wanting a pup. I'd make contact with her now.

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I have a Creekside dog, Abe. He's been a successful sheepdog for me (and we dabbled in a little bit of agility - he was brilliant). Great temperament, lots of drive, very talented. He's a littermate to the dam of her most recent litter. I've got nothing but good things to say about Fiona, her dogs, her breeding plans. Definitely contact her and get on her list and be prepared for her to be very thorough in her puppy-buyer vetting process. She doesn't breed very often but if you are willing to wait, you'll end up with a really nice puppy.

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