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  1. What a great idea! Kudos to you for wanting to raise money for shelter animals. Maybe you could try doing a bake sale at school? For some schools's, including mine, there has been the opportunity to raise money for different causes.
  2. Thanks to all those who have answered! Would it be wise to contact her right now? Or should I wait? That's great to hear! So pleased that this breeder is "good".
  3. Hello all! It's been awhile since I've posted on these boards. Anyways, I have been looking into breeders, not heavily yet, because having a dog won't happen until at least three to four years. However, I want to get started looking at BC breeders. This is because, when I do get a BC [if that is the breed I'm getting], I want to have some breeders I can refer too. Now, I know there are other breeder out there,but I really respect her, from what I've seen on her website. Questions! If you have met one of their dogs(whether produced, or is/has been used for breeding). What is their Temperament like? Drive? How their dogs compare to others who do sheep work? As a whole- How is this breeder? Would consider a dog from here? Feel free to PM with answers(or questions) you don't feel comfortable posting here. Thanks to all those who answer! Oh, and sorry for the stupid questions.
  4. No. Unfortunately, I don't have all that much dog experience. The only dog experience I had/have is/was dog walking (breed-JRT,),& dog-sitting(breeds- Yorkie x Poodle,& unknown mix.) However, as metioned before, I'm looking into working at Dog Daycare/Kennel. So, I'm hoping I'll be able to work their. I did have a dog camp at Humane Society. But, that was a few years ago.
  5. My example above - my dogs are all shades of velcro. There's not an independent one in the bunch. The one who is LEAST likely to want to touch me is Molly. She's not into physical contact. She wants to help, to be active, to engage with me, but that doesn't not include much in the way of snuggles or pets, and she will ABSOLUTELY go find something to do for herself if I'm not doing it for her. My other dogs mostly just want to touch me. If I stop being interesting, they curl up beside me and go to sleep. If I stop being interesting Molly? Goes and flushes the toilet a dozen times in the bathroom, or throws a stick for herself. I go to sleep, the other dogs - even the big GSD mix - pile into bed with me. Molly goes and sleeps in her crate - door open, of her own decision. She only sleeps with me in the morning for a little bit, and if it's cold. She wants to DO with me, she doesn't just want to BE with me. Thank you again! I really appreciate your replies. I think I could manage Dog Reactivity, but not Dog Aggression. I just don't want to deal a dog aggressive BC. I'm aware some of this behavior can be curbed, but, it can never be "taken" away. Yes.
  6. I'm so glad your enjoying Molly. She seems like a great fit for you. Plus, Molly is absolutely stunning. Honestly? I'd prefer a dog that similar in temperament to Molly, and DO want a dog that is similar in temperament, as opposed to a dog is who is more "independent". I really do prefer a "velrco" dog. However there are few issues that do worry me about the breed. 1. I've heard that some lines can have DA or are DR. How true is this? What "lines" do these traits appear more in? DA, & DR are something that I would really like to avoid. Especially since this will be my first dog I want an a dog who can think for his/herself. But, I'm not looking for an independent dog. I do want a dog who does want to a part of my life. A dog who will be tune with me, & a dog who will observe his/her surroundings. Ive worked with a few puppies before(dog-sitting), & they really do remind me of Toddler. But, the breeds/mixes I was working with, aren't even close to as much dog as BC is. They do have that puppy energy, but I wouldn't compare to a BC. It's almost like their energy differs, not in the way of Low, or High energy, but, in a way I can't explain. That is at least for the young BC I met a few years ago, which was a (dog) camp, through the humane society. While I would to have a puppy as my first dog, I am not sure if that will happen yet. I'm considering going the rescue route. I would still get a younger a dog, between 9 months to 2 years. Personally, I think a rescue BC would be a better choice for me. Now, I don't mean in this in a bad way, nor does this mean I cant handle, or that I am not ready for a puppy. It could be true. I just don't know. I do plan on meeting a lot of BC's before I get, to see if they are right for me. And what do you mean by "but not so many really, really want to be a part of your life in the same way? Thank you. I'd love to foster. I'm highly considering doing it, but, I'm afraid it won't work out, because of money, space,& the time I'll have. I would like to foster a BC before I fully commit to owning one. Because even if I meet one, it won't be for that long. I could get the feel for the breed & I get to help dogs find forever homes. All though this isn't working at kennel, theres the potential of working at dog daycare, which would be a awesome experience. Hopefully, I'll start volunteer at my local humane society . Don't know yet because of some personal reasons.
  7. Thanks to everyone who has answered Sorry for the delayed responses. I've had hectic schedule as of lately, due to school, searching for a job, & other reason. I am a member of a few other dog forums, so there is that. I will try to get to everyone as soon as I can. Your are correct. I'm still fairly young, (as in) I have not yet gradute high school. I do plan to put off ownership for at least another four years. This is so I can finish college, be fairly settled, & be financially stable-to the point of where I can own a dog. Of coruse, that is just estimated, & most likely will be longer then four years. I'll be completely honest I never took marriage, or childern into consideration, but it is certainly something that I will consider. I'm not all that serious yet, but rather have more knowledge, then little to none. I'd have to agree with the second bolted part. I would much rather wait, then potentially needing to rehome, because of circumstances. I dread the thought of rehoming a dog that I've owned. I know even people with the best plan, & the best intentions, have need to rehome there dog. I've seen happen to others, & it's unfortunate, but it was the best option to do, in that situation. That is why I am waiting for at least four years, because I will just be too busy to take in a dog, & I most likely will not be finanacially stable. I want what is best for my next dog, & if that means waiting a few more years? I am totally fine with that. Don't get me wrong, I would love to own have a dog right now, but, it just wouldn't be the right choice. Due to my family-memebers not being dog-savvy, & having very little dog knowledge. I have a few questions(these are direct to anyone): It was suggest to me, that I should consider fostering, during college. This would be before I own a dog. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. Sorry about that! I don't really know anything USBCHA "trailing"(if that is what it is referred to as), or really anything about working ability. Basically the bolted part is what I meant. But this breeder was even more selective, due to want a "candy color", rather than an "original" color. I hope that makes sense. I'm horrible at explaining.
  9. I won't deny it, I find Jazz absolutely stunning. I find merle, in general, to be rather appealing. I'd kill for Merle BC, that has working ability. A question. Lets say that a breeder puts working ability above everything else. If those certain BC's can prove themselves that they can work stock(have competed, & earned titles), & that will always be their first priority. If that said dog can't properly work stock? That dog will not be bred.Ever. But, lets say, that this same breeder will also pick out a dog based on what it's color is. There is no merle to merle breeding's Would this be acceptable?
  10. I would just like to reiterate that I will not be getting for at least four years. So, actually getting a dog, won't be anytime soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm sorry I haven't replied to everyone. I'm having some issues with the forum. I can't seem to reply to more then two quotes, because I just get an error message. ETA: Maybe it's because I am on mobile? I'm going to try from laptop. ETA 2: I agree with those who've suggest to start setting aside money. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, I do not have a job. Which means, I do not have that much extra money,I don't even have that much money, period. Setting aside money for when I bring home a dog, just isn't possible right now. However, I'm currently searching for a job. Which will hopefully be soon. Once I do have a job, I do plan on setting aside some money. What is even better is that one of my potential jobs might be at a Dog Daycare/Kennel, which would be great for dog experience. I have that feeling that I will end up buying too many dog collars, & leashes. One of the main reasons for joining here is/was to gain more information from people who own the breed. I have lurked here awhile, before joining, & it seems that a lot of people have great advice, & have different experiences. As for sitting in class- What should/How should I ask about sitting in training class? I live in Wisconsin- What trails should I attend?
  11. I'm also really fond of...Lilac/Sable Tricolor BC's *According to BCRMN. Which is where this BC mix is from. I'm not entirely sure. It was the picture that popped up when I searched "Brindle Merle". So, I assume so. Apologizes if it isn't the correct color.
  12. Some of these BC's are absolutely gorgeous. Stella is definitely a favorite of mine in the BC world. My least ideal BC, is this. I would have no issues if this "look" was no longer bred for.S And this Basically, my "ideal" BC isn't, a conformation bred, or "barbie" collie. I prefer BC's with less coat. However, some rough coated BC's do appeal to me. What I've noticed is that conformation bred BC's are much more thick,& compact than your average working, or sport bred BC. Which I do not like at all. What is my ideal BC look like? Preferred Weight? Is anywhere from 30- 45 lbs. Height? Doesn't really matter all that much to me. Coat? I like most coat types, but BC's with too much coat irritate me. I really love curly coated BC's Colors? Brindle Merle Blue Merle Ticked, especially like this And this BC(who is related to Stella) More Stella pictures can be found here http://flickrhivemind.net/User/Betty%20Gillis/Interesting Heavy ticking with Tan(?)
  13. I'd just like to thank everyone who has answered! I really appreciate your advice. Of course I do:p I'll admit,I daydream about having a dog. I toture myself by looking at petfinder, but it's so addictive looking on there. Excuse me for getting off-topic. While I DO want to volunteer, I'm not sure if it's entirely possible. I don't my drivers license yet(confidential reasons). So, that isn't option right now. I dog sit for one of my neighbors, which I love doing, I've gained some experience from this, too. However they aren't really breeds/mixes that I'm interested in. I might possibly, walk my neighbors new puppy. Here are the dogsports I'm currently interested in: • Agility • Canine Disc /Frisbee • Dock Dogs • Freestyle • Herding That's the exact reason I joined, to get more experience. Though, I really need to meet BC's in person, before I get one. When you mean mental simulation, do mean Kongs, Puzzle toys ,& stuff like that? I still have a ton of learning to do. I'm sorry for all the questions,& me being so uneducated. I just want to learn as much as possible, before I get a dog.
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