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Beardie Border Collie

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I was looking on a Border Collies for sale, Herding,trial,agility site and they were advertising pups from Switzerland listed as Beardie Border Collie. From a working line and registered FCI and ISDS.

Looked like a Border Collie with a wired-haired rough coat.


Didn't know there was such a dog.


Anyone know anything about them. Just curious.


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There are one or two people who have posted here in the past who have a dog with a bearded coat. It is caused by a particular gene.


When we were in Scotland, we got to watch a working sheepdog demo at an agricultural research station, and one of the dogs that was in the demo was a beardie. The man doing the demo explained that beardies tend to work with a more upright manner, are more likely to bark, and tend to work more closely to their stock.


I think that, like other regional breeds/strains, they are very closely aligned with the Border Collie (or working sheepdog type) but have certain, sometimes subtle, sometimes not, differences.

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