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Scooby has just turned 3 years old. His biggest joy in life is to get me up in the morning for a 45 minute walk/ball catch game. We've been regular for about 3 months. We skip the game only during the rare thunderstom or because of snow or plows. Scooby's mom says he's very tired lately perhaps we should give him some days off. She says he's not the peppy fellow he usually is. I don't see any thing wrong. How many days would you guys give him off?

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Hi there,


If the stories about chewed furniture and sleepless nights are any indication, it's pretty unusual for an otherwise healthy 3 year old border collie to feel fatigue after 45 minutes of exercise per day. My own girl just turned 8 and she still goes out for nearly an hour on most weekdays, with longer hikes on the weekends.


What sort of shape was Scooby in before you two began your daily routine? Suddenly subjecting an unconditioned dog to 45 minutes of exercise per day could cause some joint and muscle discomfort. Maybe take a couple of days off and let your dog be your guide. If he seems content to rest then I'd let him rest, but if he is driving you nuts with nothing to do I'd say that's a pretty good indication that he's good to try again. Just MHO.


I am in no way a hypochondriac but if either you or Scooby's mom notice the symptoms returning (or if they don't recede) it might be worthwhile to let your veterinarian know, if only to confirm that there's nothing wrong with him.

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How cold is it where you are? He may be having some hypothermia. My dogs, even here in relatively mild Northern California, tire more easily on the coldest days. I'd suggest shortening your walks on colder days, and doing trick training, hide n seek, or find it games in the house in order to exercise his mind.


A vet check wouldn't be a bad idea either.


Ruth n the BC3

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Thanks for the replys. Scooby has always been in good shape and is in even better shape now. I'm fairly certain that he is not sick.My wife and I question whether Scooby-do can get too much exercise. He knows how to drag his feet when we play ball and I let him wander a bit if he wants. In Massachusetts, we've had some cold weather but it doesn't seem to affect Scooby as much as it affects me- I cut the walk short sometimes. Scooby meanwhile likes to roll in the snow!

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